Chicken Saag

This Saag is such a tasty way to get LOTS of spinach in… you can make it with chicken or even make your own Paneer cheese to mix in!

It’s really hard to get a good/appetizing picture of this dish… but it’s SO GOOD.

I love Saag Paneer. It’s what I always order when I get Indian food. But my roommate’s been on a Chicken Saag kick (I actually don’t know if it should be Chicken Saag or Saag Chicken?) and I finally realized that a) that should be pretty easy to make and b) it would be awesome for Cooking Club!

I googled and looked at a bunch of recipes and ultimately started with this one and went from there.

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Summer Krab Salad

Summer Krab Salad
Summer Krab Salad

Okay, I know before even typing this that many MANY of you will not be onboard with this. Seafood and Greek yogurt? EW. But, I gotta tell you… if you sometimes get a hankering for a creamy can’t-possibly-be-good-for-you mayo-based “salad” every once in a while, you should give this a try.  (I feel like this, coupled with my last post on Buffalo Chicken Salad, demonstrates some weird recent obsession with these kinds of dishes and I guess I just can’t even deny that.) Continue reading